A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to Bad Puyo Easy Tetris!

As the name suggests, this game is inspired by Puyo Puyo and Tetris.

The System will generate 7 random game pieces. By using the A, S, D key or Up, Down, or Left Arrow you can manipulate the location of the game piece as it is falling.

By making full lines of pieces, you will clear that line and earn points.

If the piece reaches the center part of the top play area you will lose. If that happens you can press, ENTER to restart. You can also press ESC at any time to quit the game.

With this game I wanted to look at the influence a player can have on randomly generated sequences. While the pieces are randomly generated, they can be reshaped by the player by using the walls and the other pieces already in the scene.

Furthermore, while the goal is to get a high score, I was interested of the creation of art through random generation. By the end of the game, the play area will be filled by various shapes and colors; a mix between design and random generation. 

Thanks for playing!


BPET_Buildv1.zip 11 MB